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Northern Electric Power (NEP) is a new energy photovoltaic technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, founded in 2009, with over a decade of experience in the solar industry.


With a comprehensive product portfolio of microinverters, ranging from 1-in-1 to 1-in-4, and grid voltages of 110Vac and 220Vac, NEP caters to various residential photovoltaic applications globally. NEP holds independent patents and intellectual property rights in the US and China, boasting a CEC weighted efficiency of 96.5% under strict wide voltage testing, a 22-55V ultra-wide MPPT tracking range, and adaptability to complex lighting conditions. Our unique plug-and-play industrial design significantly reduces installation time, lowers maintenance costs, and enhances customer experience. Currently, our microinverters have obtained product certifications in over 30 countries and regions, including comprehensive certifications in the demanding US and European markets, making them the first brand to receive grid access permission for microinverters in Japan.


NEP: Your Solar Innovation Leader

  • Cutting-edge Microinverters for safer and more efficient AC power

  • Optimize space usage with Microinverters

  • Rapid Shutdown Devices for easy installation and cost savings

  • Prioritizing customer value

  • Reliable energy conversion

  • Skilled technical team support

  • Choose NEP for unmatched solar excellence

Mauriclo Egremy

They are relatively new, 5 years old and working. 

Alex Holguin

I use them in the family business, for 220 and for 110, we are barely going to complete 2 months of operation, at the moment it seems that without problem.

Agnesee Cesadia

The App that comes with the micro-inverter is really convenient! enabling me to effortlessly monitor the system's status from any location with utmost ease.

Enzo Barre

Since installing NEP's energy storage inverter, it has been instrumental in significantly reducing our household electricity consumption, leading to remarkable savings!

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